Top Antivirus for Windows 10 Protection

Being one of the most widely used operating systems around the world – Windows devices are an attractive target for cybercriminals and hackers. These bad guys are proactively on the lookout to get access control to your system and data. There is no doubt that the security of Windows devices has improved greatly over the years, but so has the ability of intrusion. 

Hackers are using sophisticated hacking techniques to ensure that your privacy no longer remains private to you. No matter how carefully you browse on the internet, they always find a way to break into your privacy. 

As a result of which, there is a need to have an antivirus solution installed on your Windows 10 to safeguard and protect your data from identity theft and other online threats. In this article, we will discuss some of the top antiviruses for Windows 10 protection in 2020. 

Top Antivirus for Windows 10 Protection in 2020

1. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is one of the top antivirus providers for Windows 10 devices and has been offering other solutions for a very long period. All of its product offerings are quality and provide the best results as proven by various independent lab tests. Moreover, it won’t even cost you anything. There is a free version of the antivirus solution that you can use if you don’t need access to advanced features. 

However, if advanced features are something you think you need – you can get one of their other commercial and security suite products, which offers access to features such as password manager, online banking protection, and parental controls and file backup for your Windows 10 devices. 

The software solution is easy to use and install. Even if you are not technically sound, you can get the antivirus software installed on your devices by following the installation process. It does not impact the performance of your system and is lightweight while running silently in the background. It will silently block all the malicious websites that are aimed at stealing your information. 

2. Panda Antivirus

For many years in the antivirus industry, Panda security has been offering quality security solutions to its users around the world. That being said, Panda security’s Windows detection engine is one of the best around that you can get your hands on. If you do not believe to take our word for that, check out the independent lab test results for yourself. 

The free antivirus offered by Panda has received a 100% protection score consistently. With that being said, if you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend a considerable amount of money on internet security every month, the Free Panda Antivirus solution is the perfect choice for you. However, if you need good features to protect your privacy, they also offer paid products. 

Some of their features include a personal firewall, online shopping protection, secure browsing, parental controls, and call blocker, device optimization and a VPN service as well. Depending upon the number of licenses you need, you can buy one of their security suites as required. 

3. Bitdefender Antivirus

Among the many well-known names in the antivirus solutions present in the market – Bitdefender is right up there, offering great antivirus solutions to protect your Windows 10 devices. It is fast in detecting any virus and malware causing harm to your system and offers comprehensive protection overall. 

The feature-rich antivirus solution is one of the best available features such as a secure browsing environment, blocking access to malicious websites, online shopping protection, ransomware protection, and vulnerability scanner to alert you in case if you miss any security patch updates. 

Over the years, the Bitdefender antivirus solution has received consistent 100% protection scores from several different independent lab results. The antivirus solution is easy to use and install. They offer really good customer support in case if you need any kind of technical assistance with the download and installation process. 

Overall, if you need ensured protection against online threats such as malware and viruses, Bitdefender antivirus is worth considering. 

4. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is Microsoft’s very own antivirus solution that has been protecting Windows devices for a very long time. However, for the major part of its availability to Windows users, the free antivirus solution was not very successful in protection against viruses and malware. However, it is no longer the case. 

Times have changed now and so has the Windows Defender antivirus solution. Windows Defender comes pre-installed in your Windows 10 device and is enabled by default. It means that you do not have to go through the cumbersome process of download and installation. 

The antivirus solution is lightweight on your system and does not consume much of your system’s resources. Though the antivirus is still not perfect, it has come a long way in protecting your privacy when compared with what it was in the early stages of its development. 

Final Thoughts

There is plenty of good antivirus solution, paid or free, that you can get access to – for ensuring the protection of your data on the system and online. Ensure that you select an antivirus solution for your Windows 10 devices that offers optimal security with little to no impact on your system’s resources. 

In addition to this, look for antivirus software that offers access to additional features apart from basic protection against viruses and malware. These features can be access to parental controls, password manager, device optimization and a VPN.