Free VPN for torrenting

Wondering what that middle door for torrenting is? Well, its VPN. You may have heard about it but do you know how beneficial it is? It can hide and reroute your IP so nobody can get access to your address. Many of us use torrent for different purposes, and the truth is we never felt like we are committing a crime while in reality torrenting is pirating which makes it a crime in the eye of law and for that one can get sentence too. So to avoid a criminal record, it is highly suggested to use a VPN. Now, most of the people try to avoid such stuff for which they have to pay. If you are also one of them then here is good news. The VPN we are going to talk about is totally free of cost, and one can easily get them online. So let’s begin.

If you are looking for a free VPN, then Proton VPN should be your ultimate choice.  It is super simple to use, and you can download it like other regular software’s. It is available for both Mac and windows. If money is not the issue, then you can also upgrade it; otherwise, you can have the servers of 3 countries America, Netherland, and Japan in the free version. You can choose any of these countries, and after that, when you will browse online, every server will think that you are browsing from Japan. Mostly when you use free VPN for torrenting, their speed sucks. They don’t even stream, but the case is different with Proton VPN.

Next, you can check the HideMe VPN. It has 160 different servers. It offers support for a number of protocols including IPSCC, PPTP, Open VPN, and SSTP. The best thing about this VPN is that it is a simple PC client. You can connect to the best possible server with one click. There is also a list of alternative servers that are easy to access. The opening tab shows the main application as well as the connection settings. There are several advanced features, including split tunneling support. There is a kill switch which allows the custom scripts. Strict no-logging feature of this VPN means your all browsing activity stays private and secure.

Now comes Windscribe. It has servers in 110 cities across 60 different countries. Apart from windows and mac clients, there are mobile apps for android and IOS users. You can even enjoy the perks of this VPN if you run Linux on your computer. It also offers DNS which block the ads, malware, and even trackers. The free plan of this VPN offers an incredible 10 gigabits of data transfer each month. All you have to do is to submit your email address.

These were 3 free VPN’s for torrenting. You may find many others on the internet, but among all of them, these are the best.