TotalAV review

With TotalAV, you are additionally offered to potential phishing exercises in your email, or by just tapping on a URL that takes you to a phishing site. This opens you to the possibility to have your identity is taken, or even violations submitted in your name without you thinking about it. These sorts of wrongdoings are on the ascent, and it is essential to have reliable antivirus software that can secure the entirety of your gadgets and give you genuine feelings of serenity.

Finding the best antivirus is similar to finding the best lock for your front gate. Locking your PC is much the same as introducing a security framework for your home. You need one that ensures the entirety of your gadgets, and that gives you the most elevated level of security against the number of dangers.

Key Features of Total AV

  • This total AV can secure Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS gadgets. 
  • Total AV ceaselessly updates their antivirus database to guarantee that you are shielded from another malware risk or virus when it is found.
  • It is easy to utilize and natural yet gives an incredible level of protection.

Benefits of Total AV

  • It is a security professional, persistently examining for viruses. If any are found, it isolates and disposes of them, ordinarily without you in any event, seeing a log jam in your system. It resembles having a guard that shields you from adware, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, and a lot more dangers. 
  • It enables you to mark the date and time you need your PC to run its antivirus scans. You can decide to run them as regularly as you like, and you can pick the kinds of scans that you want to run exclusively. It gives you full oversight when your antivirus will check your PC for threats.
  • It goes past advertising blocking software and ensures you are against a portion of the most exceedingly awful threats that are out on the web. It is an augmentation that is empowered on the entirety of the browsers that you use. You should separately put it on your every browser that you are using right now. 
  • The thing you need is to save the data that is being transmitted among you and somebody, for example, a financial organization, school records, or when shopping on the web. It enables you to peruse namelessly and keeps the data that you put into the page a mystery that is just known to you. This administration is exceptional assistance and is only accessible in the paid adaptation of the software.
  • A physical firewall for your PC is perhaps the best decision for security. However, it is likewise costly, and you have to realize how to set up a system to make it work. The remote firewall offered by Total AV works similarly and ensures your privacy by forestalling unapproved access to your private information.
  • It is typical for your PC to slow down after some time. Things that make it delayed down incorporate programs that create blunders in them, temporary documents from browsing the Internet, and records that are not where they should be. 
  • Now and then, to be the most productive in your work, you have to wipe off your work area, set documenting that has developed, and for the most part, clean things up and set it up. To keep your PC running at its top speed and productivity, you have to accomplish something very similar to it, as well. Total AV contains execution upgrading highlights that can assist clean your PC and make it work like new once more.

As far as the scope of assurances offered by Total AV and the kinds of gadgets that they ensure at the cost, they are better than expected for other security bundles that are viewed in a similar class. The best thing we like about this antivirus that they offer is that you have distinctive relatives who take a shot at various gadgets, you just need to get one software package to cover them all.

Things that Make Total AV Perfect

  • One thing that we thought made Total AV stand apart from other security software was the degree of security that it offers to smartphones. It doesn’t merely address your desktop; however, it provides similar securities to your cell phone. It provides antivirus assurance, a smartphone enhancer that works as a desktop optimizer, stick protection applications, and a protected perusing virtual private system, merely equivalent to it offers for the desktop.
  • Something else that makes Total AV unique is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It implies they remain behind their administrations and expect that you will be 100% satisfied. If that antivirus doesn’t provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is prudent to continue with alert since you don’t have a clue what you get. The organization isn’t willing to reinforcement their assertion.
  • Up until now, Total AV gives off an impression of being a decent incentive for the cash. Their site has a Knowledge Base where you can rapidly address the vast majority of your inquiries. They additionally offer a responsive client assistance department that assists with email, telephone, and live chat.


Generally, the involvement in Total AV was a positive one. It has the entirety of the highlights that we would expect inside progressively costly security software programs. The interface is extremely efficient and easy to use and has enormous symbols that are easy to understand as far as what they do. In terms of how it functioned, we were intrigued that it got things that the other software didn’t.