Best antivirus reviews

The security of your data is worth taking care of. One miscalculation and that’s all, your data will flow to an unknown destination, and God forbid that after this you don’t have to admit the consequences. It is for this reason that today I decided to please you with a top of the five best free antiviruses for Windows.

Naturally, free products will not be as effective as their paid versions. This is worth considering when choosing anti-virus software. By the way, there is such an opinion that the use of Linux eliminates the need to use antiviruses. Believe it or not – decide for yourself. However, I allow myself to recommend new materials about the top 5 best Linux distributions of 2017 and 10 best Linux distributions for home use. Well, we begin.

Avast Free Antivirus

In many tops, this antivirus (including its free version) occupies a leading position. I do not think that this is due to the corruption of these very tops, because I have been using this antivirus for a long time as the main one. What can I say? I’m pleased with him. For a free product, this is very much nothing. Moreover, in the free version of Avast, some functions are not even in the paid versions of other antiviruses. Therefore, I do not know why you are still in doubt, quickly click on the button at the bottom of this item and download a great antivirus.

A little about the features and benefits of Avast Free Antivirus:

Intellectual anti-virus protection: includes constant monitoring of the system, as well as timely blocking of virus software.

Check Wi-Fi: detecting holes in home networks Wi-Fi, monitoring for foreign visitors.

Intelligent Scan: allows you to detect all vulnerabilities in the system, including insecure settings and saved passwords.


When it comes to anti-virus capabilities, ESET is not always remembered, although the company’s security programs are installed on 100 million devices worldwide. You should not underestimate the arsenal of NOD32 Antivirus, because the antivirus has a comprehensive toolkit to prevent malicious attacks on your computer.

It is worth noting the fast speed of scanning the local storage media in a particular mode. In this case, the antivirus carefully consumes PC resources without interfering with other running processes. Gamers will enjoy a special game mode that automatically turns off all pop-up notifications. The only drawback of NOD32 Antivirus is inadequate protection against phishing; the program still misses a large number of malicious sites.

TotalAV review

After you run the installer application of TotalAV, the program extracts some files in the C Drive. Then it opens a small window that displays an option to log into your TotalAV account or register a new account. The users need to register their account to use this app. Once the account is enrolled, TotalAV downloads virus definition updates and a few files from the net.

User Interface

The TotalAV antivirus has a user-friendly interface using a dark background and light text. Its first window includes the following tabs:

Antivirus: In this interface, you will find options to conduct the Quick or Full System system and empower real-time security. This section allows users to see and manage files that TotalAV has isolated (quarantined). Free users are not allowed to switch on the real-time protection module and add data to Quarantine. The Pro version of TA prices $19.9.

System Boost: You will find 100s of robust tune-up utilities that can be found on the web. Though most the apps are free, there are some paid tune-up programs which claim to offer more features than the freeware software. If you are using TotalAV, you do not have to download a third-party tune-up program. The free antivirus software has a built-in system booster module.

If you do not locate the System Boost application of TotalAV reliable or useful, you can utilize one or both of these programs.

Disc Cleaner: TotaAV can find replicate files in your PC. It can also find junk files on your machine.

Internet security: The PC security software has a built-in VPN and a choice to handle the Windows Firewall from its interface. It’s VPN servers in 10+ different places. The antivirus software also includes an AdBlocker utility. The three tools are not readily available to free users.


ScanGuard is known as a potentially unwanted program (or even PUP) by top security programs like Malwarebytes. It will be detected and listed as a threat by the security program. The consumer has the decision to quarantine and remove the potential danger following a scan of the computer system is complete. Computer security software will real-time protection will prevent this program from installing, remove the program, or prompt a message to remove it automatically.

ScanGuard is encouraged as an Antivirus program that will detect and eliminate threats from the PC. The program isn’t free to utilize, But it is not promoted in ads as free or a complete product which could be misleading to those who manually install it from different sources. Additionally, the site is an ad for the entire program and doesn’t contain much information regarding attributes or anything else.

Once the ScanGuard scan is complete, it will provide you with a button to fix problems it found. The program will not remove anything it’s detected if you don’t pay the purchase price. Compared

Bottom Line

It’s time, to sum up, the rankings – which is the best antivirus?

As a free antivirus for weak PCs, we recommend Avast Free – the program includes optimal default settings, contains a password storage function and is relatively loyal to system resources, especially when activating a special game mode.

Among paid solutions, select ESET NOD32 – through the use of various antivirus tools, it provides a high level of comprehensive protection, and its threat recognition mechanisms have repeatedly been recognized as the best independent laboratories.